Sibblingz takes CrowdStar’s It Girl game to all the hot platforms

2010-11-05  来源:Game Beat


Sibblingz, a startup founded to take a hot game and make it available on a raft of mobile and social platforms, is living up to that promise. It’s taking It Girl, a popular Facebook game created by sister company CrowdStar, to Android, iPad, iPhone, and others.

It Girl is a popular role-playing game with 4.6 million users. CrowdStar launched it a couple of months ago.  The cool thing is that Sibblingz has integrated Facebook’s Single Sign On login system — announced yesterday — into its  platform. Now you can sign into Facebook just once and then automatically log into the It Girl app on mobile devices such as Android phones and the iPhone. You can get an email notification from the game. For instance, a friend can send you a challenge via the Facebook app. Then you can tap on the email on your phone and initialize the app. Then you get into the game without having to sign in and then respond to whoever sent you the message.

The system essentially lets you dive right into a game whenever someone offers you a challenge, said Peter Relan, chairman of YouWeb as well as chairman of both Sibblingz and CrowdStar. YouWeb is Relan’s incubator which has funded by Sibblingz and CrowdStar, which are both based in Burlingame, Calif.

It Girl is a social game for Facebook fashionistas. You can challenge other players to “outfit duels” and invite friends to join “cliques.” Sibblingz previously took CrowdStar’s Happy Island Facebook game and got it to run on the iPhone and iPad. The Sibblingz platform uses Facebook Connect so that you can invite your Facebook friends to join the game on mobile platforms. Thanks to Sibblingz, the fun never stops for It Girl players. Relan said that the Sibblingz platform can work for a wide variety of games, helping the developers out by quickly and easily adding new platforms. And the players will be able to play the same game across a bunch of platforms.

“With Sibblingz, It Girl will be joining a select few social titles that are truly multi-device gaming experiences,” said Ben Savage, chief executive of Sibblingz.

Sibblingz has 12 employees and it has raised $500,000 from YouWeb.

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